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Field Rules
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Flying Field rules are as follows:

1. National Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership for current year is required for insurance purposes.

2. Wright Flyers R/C Club dues are $50.00 per year.

3. A radio frequency control board pin is needed before a transmitter can be turned on. This ensures that radios on the same frequency do not interfere with others that are flying.

4. No flying is allowed over the pits; all flying takes place out and in front of the flight line.

5. A busy flying field is not the place to break in new engines. You do not want to tie up a radio channel. If you must run up an engine for any length of time, move to the end of the flight line and verify that you are not tying up a popular channel.

6. Effective mufflers are required on all engines .10 cubic inches and up. We do not want any noise problems.

7. Repeated violations may result in flying privileges being revoked.

8. We take safety seriously and, just as important, we want everyone to have fun.

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